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Thousands of webservers accross the world use Microsoft's IIS/NT/2000 platform to serve webpages. Microsoft loves talking about the major e-commerce websites on the Internet that use its platform to run. Here are some things they probably dont include. Everytime I run into a problem with a site, I snap a screenshot and post it here. If you've got a screenshot you'd like me to post here for all posterity to see, send it to me.

Tuesday, Jul 27 2004

Wisconsin taxpayers, watch as your tax dollars are put hard to work! ...well hard to work crashing at least. Trying to look up your state legislators on the Wisconsin Legislature's Home Page has been returning an ASP error for a few days now.

This of course, is by design! If we can't look up our legislators, we can't find out who's voting to support an unreliable IT Infrastucture with taxpayer money!

Windows 2000 - Suppressing Democracy since 1999!


Thursday, Jul 15 2004

Matt Warden sends in the following IIS bomb from the #1 site to learn ASP.net, http://www.learnasp.com.

Note that this is an ASP.NET error on the #1 site to learn ASP.NET.
The irony is valid!


Saturday, May 1 2004

Erik sends in a dandy example of the 'legendary' scalability of the IIS webserver and the .NET framework from the aljazeera.net news site, despite Microsofts best efforts to tell us otherwise!


Tuesday, Dec 23 2003

One of the more cryptic IIS error messages I've seen reared it's ugly head today while checking out my old hometown newspaper, the Nevada Appeal.

In case the undecipherable error messages or DLL module didn't give it away, Netcraft leaves no doubt about the identity of this servers OS.

Tuesday, Mar 4 2003

Last week a few of the batteries on our UPS system here at work crapped out, but thanks the the Internet, replacements are only a click away! Or so I thought.

The APC website greated me with what you see below, and as a result, I'm shopping for a different brand. Ironically, their company motto is "Legendary Reliablity". Reliable as the power solutions may be, their website is definitely not, as Netcraft points out, they have a very poor uptime average of 12 hours.. All thanks to Windows 2000!

Friday, Jan 31 2003

My old friendWalker submitted this beauty from entertainment.msn.com he encountered while searching for some music. Another Win2k site, another frustrated user!

Tuesday, Dec 3 2002

Today an article linked to news site CRN from slashdot.org sang the praises about a recent IDC study that proclaimed, "IDC: Windows 2000 Offers Better Total Cost Of Ownership Than Linux".

Naturally, I went to read the story, only to find (and present to you!) more evidence for my own study, "DJC: Windows 2000 Still Can't Scale!" Ironically, the IDC 'study' says that downtime accounts for 23% of the total cost of ownership, something I'm sure CRN is now familiar with! ;)

Monday, Aug 26 2002

Gary captures an excellent shot of Microsoft's official Windows
, or shall we say, the lack of a website.

It doesn't say a whole lot when the worlds largest software company can't even get it's own server sotware to scale!

Monday, Aug 19 2002

Grant sends in this gem: "Microsoft support suggests that the server is too busy to complete the requests. So I took this screenshot with the web page error next to the task manager showing just how busy the server is. Somehow I don't think that's the problem."

We're confused as well and left to wonder just what the server is so busy doing??

Sunday, Jun 23 2002

Lawrence sends in this beauty from the extremewebworks.com website, which features what I believe to be the first .aspx extension in the WWHoS! To quote from their own website, "We utilize Microsoft Access and SQL Server databases to give our clients a solid data foundation.", to which Lawrence replies gleefully, "Of course, solid is a relative term. Access is about as solid as a mobile home park in a tornado." How can anyone trust their hosted sites to a company that can't even prevent it's own website from coughing up errors?

Wednesday, Apr 3 2002

A new anti-Unix site, "We Have the Way Out", sponsored by Microsoft and Unisys which was intended to discredit Unix and push Windows based servers, was recently discovered to be running not Windows, but FreeBSD a Unix varient. When the news got out that a site dissing Unix was actually running Unix, the PR fighter jets were scrambled and the site was put back on Win32 - only to stop working, dishing out 403 errors instead of HTML pages. The irony here is too much to comment on, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves :)

Tuesday, Feb 19 2002

Scott sends in this beauty from MSNBC.com.. Check out those uptimes! Olympic results are what he was after, ASP errors are what he got. :(

Wednesday, Jan 23 2002

The first entry of the year also brings us out first WindowsXP screencap of the year! This time, anthony is hankerin' for a new driver for his video card, but once again, Windows technologies have other plans in store! Also interesting to see the 'more friendly user interface' of XP can't protect users from ASP rearing its obtuse head now and then!

Thursday, Nov 15 2001

Microsoft's much anticipated XBox was launched today amid $500 million in hype and marketing.. Naturally, I had to laugh to myself when greeted with The request cannot be processed while the Web site is restarting. while accessing the website to check out what games they had lined up!!

UPDATE While writting the previous description, I reloaded the site and was greated with another webserver error, even more impressive!! The amount of traffic exceeds the Web site's configured capacity. It resarts itself. Its too busy. So It restarts itself. Its too busy. So it restarts itself. Its too busy. So It restarts itself.... Priceless!!!! With that, I am happy to present the first ever Windows Webserver Hall of Shame Double Whammy!

UPDATE 2: joe sends in yet another screenshot of the xbox.com site bombing with yet strong>another error message!


Wednesday, Nov 7 2001

bruce sends in another fine gem from a Microsoft site! Apparently, calculating the total size of the download was so computationaly expensive, VB just couldn't keep up!! More 'friendly error messages' from our friends in Redmond!

Friday, Sep 7 2001

anthony sends in a rather morbid (and rare!) error message informing us that we've been "choosen as the deadlock victim".. Oh the morbidity!! I can see the new marketing tagline now: Microsoft SQL Server .Net - getting medevial on your ass!

Monday, Aug 6 2001

Garrett sends in the following pic from accross the pond. Another purchase circumvented by Windows technologies! Looks like its time to update that browser sniffer script as well! "Sorry, you will need to upgrade your browser before viewing this site" and I'm running Mozilla 0.9.3 - the fun never stops!

Wednesday, Jul 25 2001

.jeff writes: was trying to confirm my sms device with msn so i could receive msn messenger messages on it. Ironic how the banner ad for MSN gives 'No Hassles' as the #1 reason to use the service!

Wednesday, Jun 27 2001

Scott sent me in the granddaddy of them all: MSDN getting all confused and throwing errors. Maybe MS should start running MSDN on FreeBSD too ;)

Saturday, Sep 9 2000

Looking to pick up a new laptop in a hurry, I head to Gateway country for quick and easy online shopping. Another 'Server Too Busy' message. Another clueless NT Admin? Another lost customer.

Monday, Jun 26 2000

I want to buy a tent and was looking for some advice on which brand/type of tent would suit me best.. I remember hearing about weboutfitter.com from all those Intel ads about the spiffy capabilities in the PIII, and thought, "If its good enough for Intel, its good enough for me!". Looks like they shoulda spent some of that advertising dough on a decent NT admin/different box altogether :) go NT!


Thursday, Jun 8 2000

Trying to sign up for one of the ActiveState mailing lists.
Its "Windows package provides additional features to take advantage of that platform." Apparently its 'additional features' to Perl include not working:

Friday, May 26 2000

Jenny and I are planning a big Memorial Day weekend of biking and camping along the Elroy Sparta bike trail here in Wisconsin. Trying to 'plan' our trip(reserve passes, a campground, etc) at the tourism website for Wisconsin proved to be a bit harder than I thought as NT/IIS had other ideas..(this still isn't fixed AFAIK)

Thursday, May 4 2000

Today, the big ILOVEYOU virus hit all those windows users.
I had to download a new .dat file for the anti-virus software that most of our company uses, so I hit mcafee.com and tried to download the file. Here's what I got, .asp in all its glory.

Monday, Apr 24 2000

Trying to purchase a couple copies of Flash and a new
Seagate tape drive. CDW and VBScript have different plans for me though it seems.. Had to call our sales rep to get the order in. Ahhhh e-commerce!

Tuesday, Feb 8 2000

Trying to book a flight on TWA . Needless to say,
I didn't fly TWA for that trip. Total time down, about 50 minutes.. href="http://www.netcraft.com/whats/?host=book.twa.com">http://www.netcraft.com/whats/?host=book.twa.com

Wednesday, Feb 2 2000

Dell loves NT.

"The company's Web site -- which runs entirely on Dell PowerEdge servers -- receives 500 million visits per quarter.."
"..based on Microsoft Corp.'s Windows NT operating system"

This was from around 4pm - 715pm CST Feb 2 2000 :

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