About me

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’ve been using this website since 2001 to post about my online life, pictures, political commentary, and blogging from time to time. While I don’t blog as frequently as I used to, and where we share our lives online has shifted over the years, this remains my dedicated place to continue to share my life on the internet.

In the mid-90’s, I stumbled upon the ability to communicate/chat with other people on the internet and that launched my eventual career in information technology. Along the way, I founded one of the earliest web development communities on the internet called evolt.org in 1998. It was a unique confluence of a time and a movement where people were using the internet to become more connected and doing it in a decentralized way.

Open source was also becoming a huge movement at the same time with Linux, Apache, Firefox and others disrupting software development as we knew it at the time, and we leveraged a lot of the same philosophies within the evolt.org community, specifically that sharing knowledge/code for free – and without advertisements – was in the true “spirit” of the internet, and the web specifically.

After several years working with the amazing evolt community, I started a another “open” community in 2002 called f2o.org that allowed for developers to have access to a dedicated & free hosting space where they could hone their web development skills. We provided ASP.net, Cold Fusion, PHP, Perl, Python, and MySQL at no cost for several years before the demand for the development space outpaced our ability to provide it, and f2o.org was shuttered.

Over that period of time, I wrote hundreds of articles on the various components of web development at the time and contributed to several open source projects including the Apache web server, the XFS filesystem, and the Mailman mailing list software.

Here in late 2021 you can find me in the San Francisco Bay Area working as an IT executive at a well known mid-market technology company. I enjoy surfing, playing and coaching baseball, and traveling. I enjoy the topics of internet privacy – as I have since I first logged on to the internet – and it’s impacts on society and advertising.

This whole thing is more or less a continuation from my old ‘stdio'(standard I/O is a programming reference) pages in the late 90’s – the only difference being that I update this one more often, and its in a vertically scrolling format, rather than a static ‘one post per page’ format.