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 September 22, 2021

    Author: djc
9:34:00 pm


It's been a while. About 21 years in fact since I posted here to what today seems like an antiquated way to communicate to the world. That said, it feels good, and like home ^ :)"

I think the art of HTML has been lost over the years, and in this small way, I'm here to revive that art if for no one else than myself.

I choose this look and feel, and perhaps mechanism to communicate in, because it to this day represents a very primal and cathartic method of doing so for me. Having to close the tag at the end of a paragraph was meaningful once, and I think that's been lost.

I'm Dan, I played a small part in the history of the internet, and this makes me feel connected to that time and what it meant.


 May 1999 - July 2007

    Author: djc
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Stuff in here about 7 years of content from the very earliest days of the internet



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